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Walter Talens filming over the streets
of Stockholm, Sweden.
“I had limited time, limited budget, and a handful of people who believed this documentary was a waste of time. I picked up my passport, video camera and took a flight to Stockholm to interview an Iraqi citizen who successfully smuggled his family out of Iraq and into Sweden.

"What I thought would be a routine interview about a man and his family blossomed into a story about a country fighting to solve an immigration crisis they had no reason to expect. What’s more amazing is how the nation is dealing with the illegal immigration. Known for its mono-society, one might expect the knee jerk reaction of closing the borders. Instead, Sweden recognizes their situation and applies realistic and attainable solutions.

"I believe this documentary has faint echoes of every nation’s own struggle with illegal immigration and gives the audience a peek at how one nation is attempting to solve that problem. We can only hope it helps us in solving our own.”

- Walter Talens

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